Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Not another file format. Isn't XML supposed to be the be-all and end-all of file formats? Why bother with this?
While XML is certainly flexible and understood by a lot of people and applications, in a lot of situations using it is overkill, and its syntax can get verbose to the point of hindering readability. A great example of where XML is overkill is in the configuration files of applications.
Are you trying to replace XML?
No. We're just saying that in a lot of situations, CurlyML may be a better choice.
Aren't you reinventing the wheel?
CurlyML's goals are to bring simplicity, readability, and conciseness to the storage and/or transmission of simple heirarchically-organized data.
Why don't you support attributes?
For cases that really, really need them there's already a solution, and it's called XML.


Where is the Subversion repository?
The repository root is here: BUT you should check out from the trunk here: - unless you want a copy of every single possible subproject, branch and tag...
Hey, I have a suggestion for an improvement, or better still, a patch? How can I contribute?
Post on the CurlyML Project Forums
I have a question.
Ask on the CurlyML Project Forums.


How can I email you about CurlyML?
Just use the CurlyML Project Forums for now. Logo